Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, We Had A Good Run

Yesterday was of course April Fools Day. I and my wife-for-a-day the lovely Iendi Laville had a very busy day the day before preparing our joint prank. Now we were waiting and chatting in IM for the time when both our blog posts were going to be published simultaneously at 2 AM SLT.

We had decided on doing this little hoax on Friday evening and had been very busy during parts of the Saturday with the preparation and implementation of our small project. Everything came together very nicely. We worked well together and had loads of fun while doing it.

By pure lack it turned out that the colors of the flowers in Iendi´s bouquet matched perfectly with the tuxedo vest I was wearing. We created a short queue at the Chapel of Dreams, with me crashing twice and leaving the poor woman standing alone at the altar and with sharing the longest kiss ever recorded in Christendom because the animation refused to show up on my screen. Anyway finally we had all the great pictures we needed to illustrate the prank and went to write up our stories.

We shared the pictures and the outlines of our respective posts with each other via e-mail. Iendi was so sweet as not to point out that I, through some Freudian slip, had forgotten to include the most important picture in my post, the wedding kiss itself. A few hours after the post had been published I was reminded of it by a comment on the post by my friend Diana.

All in all, I must summarize my day of being married with a woman as great fun. Iendi was a wonderful collaborator even if she jokingly pestered me with - unfulfilled I hasten to add - requests for sex so she could report her successful mission in converting me to "the straight and narrow path" to her sisters and her friends.


  1. it was a good prank (even if you never fooled me;) ) and very well made:) good on you:)

  2. Well it was still a beautiful wedding ;-) BUT the above pic of you is leaving me breathless....OMG should be illegal!

  3. It was a lovely day and great fun :)
    I didn't really know you before we "got married" but I hope we will stay friends after this adventure.
    And you still have a few things left to learn...


  4. Haha thanks guys, I was actually a little bit upset that no one seemed to believed us, but that passed fast.

    Ziggy, my dear, I hope you already now that you can click on the picture and enlarge it to lick on it on your screen?

    It was good getting to know you better, Iendi, and I share your hopes for the future.

    Do you really think you can teach this old dog any new tricks? I am after all a graduate from the venerable McMillan´s School om Advanced Love-Making in Any and All Realities"


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