Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elvis, Rock-n-Roll and I

My ex-wife-for-a-day Iendi Laville threw a rock themed party at her establishment The Grenouille Inn (nowadays mostly called The Frog) last evening, which I of course had to go to.

Preparing for the party I found that the only really 50s-60s themed object I remembered having in my vast Inventory were my Buddy Holly glasses with tape across the middle. When I saw Apollon Allen I remembered my panel shirts too, but by then I was already dancing.

The old place was completely redecorated for the occasion by Iendi and her staff, Mrs. Svessa Hax-Beornsen, Mrs. Annabella Lundqvist and Mr. Lelle Kidd. The place looked awesome and supplied the best animations for rock-n-roll dancing I have ever encountered in SecondLife. (Note-to-self, don´t forget to ask Annabella where she got those animations!)
Bock and Elvis/Apollon
As chance would have it I ended up dancing with an Elvis look-alike in the shape of my old friend Apollon with great moves while the ex-missus threw herself at one of her unsuspecting tenants, a gorgeous looking stud named Holy (I cannot recall his last name but I  think it is Charger or something like it) - who turned out to have a few good moves of his own.

Music was supplied with style and flourish by this evenings DJ, Ms. Betty Idler.

Time for some party pictures!

For more pictures from the event - and a far more extensive coverage of the people there - please see Blanche´s Arena; 50-tal på Grodan,


  1. Hmmm...I can see now where you had your eyes during the evening. Three pictures of the same guy!

    1. Pfffft there are seven pictures up there and I find him in five.... LOL

      He is hot, missus, but those three pictures were actually meant to be of you and I could not cut away the gorgeous bugger, he was all over the place! ;)


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