Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Am Sorry, Vanadis


I am truly sorry you feel the need to project your insecurities on me.

I understand that living with low self-esteem can be very difficult and it might make you feel better inventing inaccurate and fabricated stories about people who do have real friends and a real life. I can understand why that would have a certain fascination for you. Wanting the unattainable and all that.

For a while I have condoned your behavior hoping it would help you in some way. Sadly I have to conclude that in condoning this, you have in fact become worse.

As a result, I now have to ask you to stop doing this. It is obviously not doing you any good and the fun has long since gone for me.

From now on you and your minions will be ignored and blocked.

I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you.



Well she asked for a public apology this is what she gets. I posted the same as a comment on her post today 

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