Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day 2012

Someone has once said that "Deep inside almost every Swede there is a little Social Democrat hiding and wanting to break out". I think it´s an amusing and pretty true characterization.

Even if the members of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden are sometimes ridiculed for being a grey and nondescript mass they have successfully changed the way we Swedes think of the world and how to bring about social reform.

Violence is frowned upon, we move slowly, step-by-step, and painstakingly see to it that the majority is coming along with us and that nobody is forgotten or left behind. The unwilling are dragged along, kicking and screaming, but soothed by the good will shown to them. "We will listen to what you have to say, but when we have finished listening we will either find a compromise or walk on."

All of us are seeking the vision that was described to us in a speech by Per-Albin Hansson in 1928 as "The People´s Home" (Folkhemmet)

I cannot think of any other nation where the right wing party would choose to call itself "The New Workers Party" or for that matter where a liberal party once chose to describe its mission as "social reforms without socialism"

Only five percent of the Swedish population of about 9 million ever walk in demonstrations, but of those who do more than 300,000 people take part in the various demonstrations on May Day. 


  1. May 1 celebrates workers, those who toil and have to earn a living. It really needs to be seen as the holiday for those of us who have the earn a living.

    I found a version of The Internationale, the old socialist party anthem, in Swedish for your readers to listen too. I think the world, in general, has swung too far in favor of power for the rich and owners of the means of production and against the workers who keep on losing more and more rights. As the Internationale proclaims, unless humankind drops its demands for more and more money and possessions, at the expense of everything else, we will never be free.


    1. Thanks Eddi, I am sure my readers appreciate it ;)

  2. And this is my favorite version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKAdtxM-msw&feature=watch_response


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