Monday, May 28, 2012

Operation Bock

I am happy to report that the Swedish healthcare system is still working smoothly and efficiently.

As some of you may remember, well it was only less than three months ago but I know that many of my readers have lots of more important stuff on their minds, I coughed up an umbilical hernia in the beginning of March this year.

The hernia became strangled later the same evening. It was not a pleasant condition, but I was well taken care of at the hospital emergency room and could come back home later the same night.

I have now been notified that they have scheduled me for operation on June 11, the time of day is not yet known. If everything goes well I will be sent home the same day.

Even if I know I need the operation and that it is a rather minor and undramatic procedure I still got a little worried. Luckily for me, when it comes to healthcare issues, I can consult with my dear friend Zigadena Gabardini. She can always answer the questions I have and that calms me down. This time I could also draw on the previous experience of her hubby Emarald Harvey. The poor man contracted an umbilical hernia lugging around Ziga´s extremely heavy luggage when they met the last time in first life.

So by June 12, 2012, I will hopefully no longer have the ugly little lump on my stomach which I constantly have to push back in. Bock with Brock will be gone again.


  1. :) Expect to see u online at least a shortie that evening 11 june:)
    And hello ..10 pair of shoes weighs a lot..hehe
    men are fagile:):)

    1. I will do my best sweet Ziga!

      ...and don´t you go slamming bu buddy Em, I have heard rumors of his very cute and firm ass (The Dutch and their bicycles - an excellent combination for building divine asses!)

  2. Hope it all goes perfectly for you Laird xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Damn, you know I have lost already, that Emarald guy is a lost case. He is a ladies shoe-carrier forever and under your Ziga-spell! ;)


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