Sunday, May 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Chaos (et ordre) Lionel Allorge, 2006
When I got in-world yesterday I was in a splendid mood. It had been a good day and I knew what I was going to do and where I was going to go, even if I was going alone.

So there I was, the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls with my Saturday evening and early night planned with the most exciting and amazing events.

And all my well laid plans came crashing down right at the start because the first event didn't start when it was supposed to. It was a release party for a new Swedish Techno album that was announced to start at 1 PM SLT at a certain place. I tried going there about three minutes into the party and first got the message that the sim was full, when I tried again ten minutes later there wasn't a single soul, not even the artist himself. It infuriated me so much that I deleted the blog post I had made about the event yesterday

I am sorry to say, but I am rather anal about keeping appointments and if there is a cock-up or a change that this be announced to the interested parties in a timely fashion. (Hell, I still haven´t forgiven my dear buddy Bara Jonson for not turning up at his own bloody bachelor party four years ago - which I was hosting - leaving me alone at that event with three "working women" and a pimp/club owner. My Ars never laughed at me so much as that time, after he had made me simmer down.)

Well, it seems my bosom buddy Apmel Goosson made it to the event together with Kandinsky Beaumont and they had a fabulous time as he tells us on his blogpost about it today, Min avatar heter Apmel; Tack Bock

When I complained my misery in the Swedish group chat - hoping to attract attention from the artist himself or someone who was at the party - I instead got pounced on by a two week old noob who started telling me they had probably known I was coming and moved the party to avoid me.

It is rather unusual for noobs to be sassy with the laird, but I still did not make the connection at first. Not until she kept repeating herself and going on about it did I add two and two together and come up with the right conclusion by combining her rudeness with her chosen name. The name is inspired by Viking tradition and she is of course a quintuplet/cousin/friend of the infamous mudslinger.

Luckily my evening ended well anyway, because Butch Diavolo was there to save my bacon and teleport me to Arcangelo Hellman´s set at The Sanctuary. What are friends for if they cannot give you a pity-TP, huh?


  1. Apmelina would have gladly sent you a TP Bock but neither she or Kandi noticed your complaints on any swedish group chat (the group chat system STILL after 10 years is not working very well!)

    1. Aww I know you would have buddy, but you were probably having too much fun to notice the group chat. It happens to us all! ;)

  2. It was the pig-like most accusation you've ever made!
    I was not in last night in Second Life, Sjöfn was not inside Second Life. I've called both to check.
    Kynlif was inside but said only: "I'm on Kickis rezzparty-Oops hope not said it before, so I get banned."
    Ruth was not inside at all.
    Now I call for a corrective and an apology in accordance with good journalistic practice!
    Is there anyone who claims to be one of us to defame our name and reputation should the person be notified immediately to legal action.

    1. Vanadis Falconer, you are not welcome to comment on this blog! The reason for this is your history of mudslinging Nu räcker det, Bock!. Please stay away!

  3. No I´m not staying away if you dont apologize for your infamous insinuation that I should have anything to do with "that newbie"!
    I will be happy to criticism for what I did but not for that I am innocent.
    Meet me here or in the district court in a defamation trial!
    Read for once WHAT I wrote and not what you THINK I've written

    1. Vanadis Falconer, you are not welcome to comment on this blog! The reason for this is your history of mudslinging Nu räcker det, Bock!. Please stay away!

  4. Now you have really made a fool of you!
    The person you assume to be an alt of mine is two years older than me! But have restarted under a different name.
    It is clear if you is endeavoring to read her profile.
    I had no technical ability to use Second Life in 2008, neither enough computer or access capacities. I had not even heard of Second Life until autumn 2009.
    -But all harm suffered by "The Knight of the gaunt" must be blamed on Vanadis and her friends.
    It's called slander or persecution Mr. lawyer.
    I demand a public apology from you and all your Sancho Panchas.


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