Friday, May 18, 2012

Second Pride Prom Night

This is an official Second Pride fundraiser event.

As a Swede I have never really understood the Americans fascination of their high school proms. The all important "date" with the right person, wearing the right clothes and arriving to the event in the longest Escalade Limousine etc.

I am going even if I don´t get a date and I will do my best to look gorgeous, so the guys who didn't ask me can eat their hearts out.

Your Escalade Limousine to the event at The New Lighthouse Lounge (SLurl)

If you wish to become a part of Second Pride in SecondLife you can join Second Pride (url), There is also a group in-world with the same name.


  1. I am an American and I could care less about the prom. I didn't go when I was in school. I thought the people who did go were too shallow and self absorbed to hang with. That and it's too damn expensive!

    1. You should come to SecondLife - it is a lot cheaper in there ;)


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