Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unscheduled Events

Yesterdays main event in SecondLife was going to be my first prom, but things happen and I ended up doing so much more.

It all started going off the well planned track when my brother in-laws Dejerrity Mycron and Jeb Nicholls came over to bring me to Dej´s parcel at the Southwest (please note I got it right this time) corner of the sim. They had been landscaping and decorating and wanted to show me what they had achieved so far.

Even if they both claim they are not done yet and that there is a lot of texturizing remaining, the spot already looks wonderful.
We sat there together at the camp fire for a good while talking about everything between heaven and earth, men (of course), life and loves, my chest hair (too little according to them both), how long Dej can keep a computer in working condition (he just got a newer one after eight years), earlier building projects they had been involved in (The Damocles Project and Ghoul Prison), how Jeb could fuel the Peoples Republic of China by daily flossing and about Ars (of course).
Time passes very fast when you are happy and when we were done covering the essentials I discovered I had already missed the Euro prom, so I had four hours to kill.before the American prom party started.

My buddy Butch Diavolo was doing an impromptu set at the Sanctuary, he always does that when he knows I am busy with other stuff. However, I was able to drop in for the last 30 minutes of his set and had a great time with great music and hilarious chat. Butch is a motormouth who is able to pull up the wittiest remarks at the drop of a hat.

I took a meal break after Butch´s set and was then called by my ex-missus for-a-day, Iendi Laville, to my buddy Apollon Allen´s jetty. Apollon was playing music for the gathered crowd (mostly Swedes) while they were dancing or enjoying the Jacuzzi.
Let me just give you a warning here.

All straight men are not avers to giving you a good time in a Jacuzzi. Ethon Sands has wandering feet that are wonderfully soft and flexible. I am not sure if he was playing with others under the water too or if they were just mocking me when they all started repeating "Ooooooooo Ethoooooon, it feels so good!"

Finally the time came to get ready for the American prom, so I reluctantly got out of the tub with the memories of Ethon´s feet still lingering on my mind.

By the time I got to the prom the party was well on it´s way and people were having a good time. I was too tired to take pictures but thoroughly enjoyed myself for an hour before leaving for bed at 4 AM my time. Avacar Bluestar was DJ-ing (the first time I heard him) to our enjoyment. Beautiful Kharissa Indigo and sexy  and notorious Ryce Skywalker were there among a whole lot of other sexy men and pleasant women.

Oh, you may be wondering if I did get a date to bring me to the prom. No such luck I am afraid, although I did try to entice the studelicious Ziggy Starsmith over with a blind teleport (He absolutely loves them!), but he was at another party and "couldn't come" (Have you ever heard a lamer excuse when being invited to a party by a sexy blond Swede,I ask?), or so he claimed.

Men, you cannot live with them, nor without them! All the same, I had a great Friday evening and early night, and have left out a lot of what happened being the soul of discretion that I am known to be.

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