Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Accidental Drama Queen (Updated)

"Wherein this avatar´s fates, adventures and experiences in, his thoughts and feelings about and his reactions to his first and second life are depicted with written messages, images and other visual tools."

That blog description has been at the top of Bock in SecondLife from the beginning, at first in Swedish and later translated to English. In spite of that, I have on more than one occasion been accused of being a "drama queen", i.e. (according to the Urban Dictionary) "an overly dramatic person" or "someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion when ever the chance is given", for doing exactly what I promise to do namely express my reactions, feelings and thoughts on things that happen to me or move me in some way.

Giving me that epithet is of course an easy and accessible resort for anyone who wishes to disparage or belittle me or what I have to say.

My intentions with blogging have from the start been to give a truthful account of what happens to me, in SecondLife and first life. I am always aware of the fact that another witness to the same events can have a completely different view on the matter, but it is not my responsibility to take an objective approach and I have never claimed to be an objective onlooker. 

What you get on this blog is my personal and unique take, if it upsets you it is your problem and not mine. However, that being said, I have always been prepared to accept that not everyone shares my perspective and have been ready to listen to their version of "the truth or what actually happened".

I don´t take shit from anyone and it is not in my nature to look away or walk away from matters that upset me. I will offer my thoughts and advice freely and lavishly, it is up to the receiver if they wish to accept it.

I realize that you may wonder what brought on this diatribe and I have decided to share it with you. Yesterday I received two e-mails from "the other person" that I mention in my post Misplaced Loyalty. In the first e-mail he/she claimed utter incomprehension to my reaction for "that trifling action" she/he had taken (which only showed that he/she had not read or understood what I had tried to tell him/her because I had been careful to clearly outline my views on the matter).

In the second e-mail he/she had willfully misinterpreted and taken out of context a part of a sentence from my first e-mail to him/her in the matter. I had told him/her that I did not know what I was going to do about our relationship in the future but would decide when I had cooled down. Now he/she had clipped out "I do not know what I will do" and asked me if this was a cry for help, i.e. suggesting that I had threatened committing suicide. 

Let me tell you all, I am in a stable emotional and mental frame of mind. I have never had any suicidal tendencies, although I do understand that some people at times can find themselves in a desperate situation where they do not see any another option. If I should ever get close to that point it will not be over something trivial.

Of course I could always write a blog along these lines:
"Day1. I woke up after a good nights sleep. Coffee and ham sandwiches for breakfast. Went to work. Came home from work and logged in to SecondLife. Logged out and went to bed.
Day 2. Woke up after a good nights sleep. Coffee and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Went to work. Came home from work and logged in to SecondLife. Logged out and went to bed. Etc., etc., etc." 

But that is nothing I like reading and would not enjoy writing either.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I do not try to create drama or thrive on it (rather it makes me uncomfortable), but when drama seeks me out I will not back away from it. In my mind, life is interesting and life is drama but I am no drama queen as such, even if I  may admit to sometimes being an "accidental drama queen".

I have received complaints via e-mail from "the other person" that he/she doesn't completely agree with my depiction of what happened and wishes me to correct it. 

My response to him/her was that I have given a complete and accurate account of what has happened but that he/she is welcome to leave his/her version in the comments (even anonymously if he/she wished) and that I have no interest or intention whatsoever of discussing my blogposts with him/her via e-mail.


  1. Yes, maybe you are a drama queen. That sure not makes you a terrible person.
    It just shows that you sensible and that you out your thoughts and feelings.
    It would be a better world when more people out there thoughts and feelings.
    It is not that you're thoughts and feelings are true and that I have to agree with them, but they are yours and I respect them and I respect you.
    Please keep on being a drama queen. I love you the way you are.
    Hugs and kisses

    1. Thanks Christo, I would prefer "accidental drama queen" but I understand what you mean ;)

      Hugs and kisses, mijn vriend!

    2. A wannabe dramaqueen. Pffff, amateur.

  2. LOL SaveMe, I am sure I could learn from you...


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