Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art Exhibition Opening at Solace Island

Yesterday I received the following message in-world:
"Kandinsky Beaumont invites all daring avatars with these words:

Uncomfortable invasion of Returned Resident into usually idyllic Place des Petits Bourgeois will be welcomed and celebrated this Saturday after 12.00 SL-time and 21.00 CET.

Solace Island: Place des Petits Bourgeois (SLurl)
/Apmel the messenger boy"
Intriguing huh? To boot there has already been some cat-scratching going on on the SecondLife art-blogs between the young Icelandic artist Returned Resident and the infamous SaveMe Oh, it seems the old gal has been giving the poor, innocent, young Icelander some unwanted attention of a sexual nature.

Don´t you know by now that you have to treat the country lads with delicacy and tact, SaveMe?

It may just be part of the build-up for the exhibition, but I will be there anyway and will be looking forward to a nice expose of Life as Drama, Drama as Art, Art as Life, ergo Life as Life, as Life, as Life ad infinitum and in all its colorful variations. Hope to see you there!

P.S. I just noticed on another blog that there is a clothing theme, "Icelandic outfit" whatever that may be... I am going to check on Google Images.

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