Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beauty Is...

Photo quoted from Associated Press/AP
The blooming of a single rare flower caused a minor botanical sensation yesterday in Botaniske Have (The Botanical Garden) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After several days of waiting a flower named Amorphophallus Titanum (which means "giant deformed penis") started blooming at 7 PM local time. Within 20 minutes after that long lines of interested spectators had formed to look at the plant. The smell this flower emits from it´s interior is a foul stench, which is said to resemble that of rotten meat or a carrion.

"I was very proud. At the same time I was overwhelmed by the flower, it was more beautiful than I imagined. It is something else when you see it in reality", said the gardener Mr. Rasmus N. Kloster, when interviewed by my local paper Sydsvenskan yesterday. Mr. Kloster has been taking care of the flower for nine years for a few hours of pleasure as the is short lived and most of the plant will start to wither already today.

As always an old saying seems to hold some truth, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", because this must surely be one of the most hideous looking plants I have ever laid eyes on.


  1. While the flower may not be one of the most beautiful, when a Titan Arum flowers it is always a big deal, cos they are so rare. It is similar to the giant Victoria waterlily which causes a lot of hubbub when it flowers.
    And just to sound brainy: the latin name is Amorphophallus Titanum (not titanium), cos it is big (titan), not cos it is made of titanium ;)

    1. Oppps! Thanks for pointing that out, buddy, that "i" must just have slipped itself in or perhaps the typo-fairies were having sex on my keyboard yet again. ;)


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