Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Created A Monster

Iendi before that fateful day
Do you guys remember my wife for a daym Mrs. Iendi Laville (McMillan)? That sweet, innocent, demure and  charming young woman who seemed to have been raised by in a convent somewhere?

Well it seems something has happened with that beautiful, soft spoken and tolerant woman since our marriage and our quick divorce.

You may also remember she ditched me the day after the wedding and had the marriage annulled for a gorgeous guy named Holyarcher. Admittedly he had the advantage on me of being both heterosexual and good looking but still, one would at least expect some kind of communication before blurting it out on her blog, would that really have been to much to ask?.

Anyway it now seems our short time together may have had some unknown effects, Two days in a row now this wonderful woman, my ex-wife, speaks her mind and tell off the parts of the Swedish community that need it. OK, I better not take too much credit for it, that woman always had great potential and being safe in Holy´s arms may just have done the trick.

Go get the bullies, Iendi!


  1. Feeling safe in Holys arms and whith the support from you and Apollon certenly gave me the curage to speak out. Which as you mention I never dig before.

    Since you were the one that made me open my eyes for this fantastic man I thought I had your approval already ;)

  2. Since Holys full name is holyARCHER they better put there shields on ;)

  3. Haha Iendi, don´t you ever take shit from anyone! ;)

    1. Nu har den där meningen naggat sen igår. Your wish is my command heter det ju...eller hur?


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