Friday, June 22, 2012

Post Title of the Day

Friends today directed my attention towards a blog I usually do not read.

"I Am Innocent, Bock!" is the title (translated from Swedish) of a post today on a blog operated by a person who to my readership is best known by the affectionate nickname "the mudslinger".

In the post the mudslinger denies being "the other person" and goes on to threaten me - and the rest of the world - with a law suit for harassment.

How quaint that she should feel the need to deny something that must be blatantly obvious for the rest of the world, as she doesn't fulfill the fundamental criteria of being someone I have supported and stood beside for several years.


  1. thats the way it goes when you have no clue about whats going on hehehe the world spins around "you" and noone else and that goes out to several entities not just a single one and non mentioned.... cant say i know whats in that blogpost you talk about since i dont read it... but thats beside the piont.....

    1. Well, dear Vampi, I am afraid my knowledge of psychology is meager, I dare not support or reject your analysis.

      There are certainly several possible explanations to this curious behavior, such as lacking language skills or an inability to absorb information and surely other reasons could also be found.


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