Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Report From A Sickbed

Honestly, I feel pretty good - as long as I sit still, stand still, lie still and walk gently. It is only when I move myself between the four states or am laughing, coughing or straining that it becomes a problem.

But even so, already on the third day and it feels much better. To facilitate, I am wearing a girdle so that the pressure on the scar is reduced.

The surgeon told me that he has given me a nice new belly button, a little innie to replace the one I had before, but I have not seen it yet because the dressing should be left on until it falls off. And when it does I will need a new dressing for a few months more.

Oh well, I guess I am not experiencing anything worse than the all the millions of women who have had a Cesarean section, and I was only cut skin deep. I am also spared the need of caring for an infant child and can completely indulge myself.


  1. Thank you for that report :)
    Just take it easy.


  2. are you being fed? do i need to send sirhc down to cook for you?? remember the heaviest you lift is the coffee cup...ok!! hugs

    1. Thanks for worrying, dear Vampi, but I haven´t really had much of an appetite since the operation, not yet. However, if and when I should feel the urge strike my freezer is filled with various delicacies and I can always order out. ;)

      Promise, not lifting much of anything right now either!

      Hugs darling and send one to my Top-Chef too!

  3. Nope, nowere near a Cesarean section and a new navel great ,hope it will be even better than the old one!

  4. man..there is strawberrys and cream..hjortron likör,västerbottenostgratäng,rökt renstek, skärp dej!!

  5. LOL dear Ziga, I do not like you scolding me, so I will try to eat a little, even if I do not feel hungry. It´s a promise!



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