Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swedish Government Web-pages are Down (Updated)(Update)

I have been trying to reach the Swedish governments web-pages ( and others) during the last hour or so but cannot get connected with it. I have also tried getting to the different ministries without luck.

Is this a hacker attack by Assangistas?

As you can read in the comments to this post the lairds CTO, Mrs. Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan (honorary), says she has no problems at all reaching the website.

However I still cannot reach the government website or those of the ministries. Of course it is entirely possible that the government has decided to shut me out but...  Could Vampi be a CIA-agent? (Go away, paranoia!)

I would appreciate if you could tell me in comments if you have a problem reaching the website or not. Thanks in advance!

Update 2
Thanks to those of you who tried to help out. Its obviously NOT a hacker attack but some malfunction on my end.

After uninstalling and re-installing my Internet Security program, my anti-virus program, my Chrome, my Firefox etc. and clearing out every conceivable cache, I must report I still cannot access the government websites in either Firefox, Google Chrome or IE. I´ll see if i have the stamina to worry about it in the morning.


  1. could be "Anonymous" they are in SL too :)

  2. working fine now dont think it was an attack just normal internet screw up

    1. Hmmm this is a mystery to me. I still have the problem, but I guess if you can reach it Vampi the problem is in my connection.

      Before posting and after reading your comment I have tried restarting the modem, clearing my cache (incl. web-history and cookies) but to no avail. Strange!

    2. P.S. I have no problems at all reaching any other website either, only the Swedish government and ministries.

  3. Very odd. Vampi and I run different browsers and no trouble on either.

    1. Stranger and stranger, I cannot get there with any browser... despite clearing out caches both in Google Chrome and Internet options.

      Oh well, I am guessing the problems are on my end and not from a hacker-attack then ;)

      Thanks for helping sarge, at ease!

  4. Well, I could contact the website as well. Of course I couldn't read what it said. Though I did spot your name on the frontpage. I will copy&paste the message below. Maybe it can clear the mystery up?
    "På grund av diplomatiska skäl utanför vår kontroll har vi förbjudit Bock McMillan, Laird of Southern Charm, prins of Cascade Falls, från att använda den här webbplatsen. Så snart de olyckliga omständigheter har lösts, kommer vi återigen att den ärade Laird tillgång till vår webbplats.
    Vi ber om ursäkt för eventuella besvär detta kan orsaka."

    1. ROFL buddy, nice try but no bananas. The website would know me well enough to start my title with "Den Mycket Hedrade...", just saying...

      Well is curiouser and curiouser, everyone else seems to be getting the page except me. I have run full virus scans x 10, cleared caches x 5, restarted modem x 5, and still cannot reach it.

      I guess I will have to try downloading a new version of my firewall to see if that helps.

      Hugs stud-buddy!

  5. No problem for me either with Firefox or Chrome..

    1. This is crazy, I have done EVERYTHING and still cannot get the government websites, while everyone else doesn't have a problem.

      I am giving up on fixing this today, a good nights sleep may help - but I doubt it...


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