Saturday, August 18, 2012

Biking With Ziggy

I reentered SecondLife today. The main reason for doing so was that my buddy Ziggy Starsmith had promised on his blog to open up a keg of beer and I was in a good mood so I thought, "Why not!"

Well, once I got inworld our plans changed. First I looked around at the work Ziggy had done at his home, as you can see here it looks fabulous.
After a while Ziggy asked me if I would like to go for a ride on his bike. Of course I jumped on the chance to get a bike ride around the beautiful Second Norway in the safe hands of Ziggy.

At the behest of my son Guyke I asked him, "Do I need a helmet?" Ziggy answered, "No, I will drive carefully and slowly". When I told Guyke his response he said sardonically, "Yeah, that's what my brother told me - and then he didn't!"

Anyway I started out without a helmet and felt quite safe.
The feeling of safety and after the first sim-crossing when we were both thrown sky-high and after a bit twirling around were stuck in the sky and had to re-log to get anywhere.

So, for my personal safety's sake, I donned the first helmet I could find in my Inventory before rejoining Ziggy to continue the ride. Not because I did not have complete trust in Ziggy´s skill as a driver, but because he after all did not control all aspects of our ride.
 I had a great time and enjoyed myself all lot with my charming and always so sweet-talking buddy!
Photo by Ziggy Starsmith

For more pictures from this thrilling adventure please visit Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life: Fighting The Lag Storm With Bock McMillan


  1. I missed you so bad when you were not online and today made up for it 110%
    Sorry it was not 110% safe!

    1. It´s SecondLife sweetie, we don´t get physical injuries ;)

      I had a blast, thanks again buddy!

  2. I really just love these posts that you guys did.

    Those who believe that SL is just a game, have missed the best that this place has to offer.

    Good friends make this world go 'round.

    1. Right you are, Mrs./Miss/Mr. Anonymous! ;)


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