Wednesday, August 22, 2012

With A Little Help From A Friend

Today I threw my feelings of shame overboard and talked with a friend, the most non-judgmental guy I know, and explained the situation that had arisen.

He of course already knows that I am suffering from depression and that I am being treated for it. On previous occasions when I have hinted at the reason why I did not invite him or his family to my home, he has always offered to help, but I have told him I wanted to handle it myself.

When we had talked he just told me he had to check with his wife and kids if there was something special that needed his attention today after work, otherwise he was going to my place to help me out. There was nothing going on so he came over today after work.

We have been working together, with him focusing on the heavy carrying and me doing the less heavy work. He was great because he made no comments or jokes but just focused on what had to be done. In an hour and a half we with joint forces managed to empty the apartment from all the junk that had gathered over two and a half years. The apartment has already regained some of it´s previous charm.

My friend is coming back on Sunday evening, with a drill, to help me get some stuff up on the walls that has been laying around waiting for just that since I moved in here close to four years ago.

Until Sunday I am going to vacuum and do a bit of lighter cleaning and then on Wednesday there is a professional cleaning crew coming to do the rougher work, like washing down the nicotine stains from the kitchen cabinets, washing down the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen and give the floors and carpets a good cleaning.

From now on I also am going back to my original plan when i moved to this apartment of no smoking indoors, however sad, tired, cold or lazy I may feel.

I feel very tired but am also happy and relieved. I am wondering why I ever waited this long before accepting the help that has been offered. I am off to bed for a nap now, hope to wake up in time to get into SecondLife.


  1. so glad to hear that your friend came over to help you out:) i got inspired and cleaned up some clutter here aswell today:) just little things can look a lot when its not sorted.
    keep it up buddy almost there now:)

  2. This is inspiring,Bock.

    Second Life will always be here for you when you finish.

    You did very well. Yaaay!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Previous comment deleted because of a mistake in it. Helps if you read before you publish. Duh!

      I'm so happy to hear your friend came and helped you out. It's not always easy asking for or accepting help. But there are still some people around who aren't cynical and just help where help is needed. Treasure your mate, he is a REAL friend. Just like you are yourself to so many in SL.

      Love you dearest Bockilein xoxoxo

  4. Hi dear! Im so happy you have such nice friends near, and im so sad i cant be of any help to you right now
    I have a tromb mother is sick and well she is moving,by beloved cat -i had to put him out to the green grass of another place..and so on.So you finally got help:) maybe u can tell me how you did that :) im bad at that too.No man is an island no female either
    Think of you and miss you
    kisses Z

  5. Thank you so much, you sweet and beloved people!

    I am so sorry to read about your mother and your cat, dearest Ziga!

    I hope your mother us doing better and that you are feeling better, sometimes one bad thing just doesn´t come alone, the sky opens and dumps shit in your lap. Hugs and kissesm ny dear!


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