Sunday, September 9, 2012

GIFT 2012

My friend Garth Raleigh, who kindly keeps me informed with all that is happening on the Gay Archipelago sims, sent me this invitation a while back, but I didn't pick it up until I re-immersed myself into SecondLife very early this morning.

Please keep sending me the information, Garth! (I promise to publish sooner next time)

"The Gay Archipelago proudly announces the Grid-wide Opening of the 'GA International FineArts Tour (GIFT), 2012' as of Saturday, September 1st.
The largest multi-sim Arts event currently in Second Life, GIFT encompasses 19 GA Estates and features the works of 47 talented artists.  Each GA Estate is outfitted with a TelePort board, allowing the visitor to choose destinations throughout the exhibition.

We invite you to begin your GIFT Tour at the official  "Start Point (SLurl)"  on the GA Estate of Gay Island Resort – the rest of the direction your tour takes is up to you!

Take your time and return often to see each and every installation as these artists are exhibiting all unique, original works in a variety of media.  Feel free to explore each Host Estate to take in the sights as well.  GIFT will be open to the entire Second Life population through September 22, 2012."

This should be fun and interesting, I am most definitely going to check it out!

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  1. Hey, Bock! Hope you enjoy! A lot to see, so don't try to fit it all into one trip. GIFT will be open for your return trips through September 22nd. Be safe!


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