Thursday, September 6, 2012


I don´t understand whats going on with me at the moment. Although I long to immerse myself in SecondLife and get back in touch with my friends and family there and with my home things seem to come up to stop me all the time.

Today I had planned to log in. I had taken half the day of from work for a with my dental hygienist and my doctor and a few other essential errands and once they were done I was going to log back in and check the tings I know are waiting in my mailbox and see how the sim was doing and get back in touch with you all.

This time I was "only" going to take a short nap before getting in, the nap lasted six hours and I just woke up and am still tired- Other days, I feel like I have had an "overdose of people" and just cannot handle more social contact but just want to be alone, which is rather strange for me because usually I cannot get enough of friends or family.

Otherwise my first life is running smoothly. I have just signed up a team of cleaners that will drop by for three hours every third week, My parents are doing very well and are in love again - at 81 and 82 and after 62 years together - believe it or not. Is it strange that I am a creature of habit and long lasting relationships with such an inheritance?

Well, all I can say now is that I am now p-l-a-n-n-i-n-g to reenter SecondLife tomorrow Friday. Hopefully noting will interfere this time.


  1. MISS you in world.. i was just on my way here to nag at you for not being logged in for so long when i saw this post:)
    hope to see you in SL tomorron then hugs:9
    good to hear that rl is going well tho and oh that sounds so great with your parents being in love again:)so sweet

  2. Miss you, but your body says No.Your mind says to much.Listen to them.You will be back soon take your time and stop beeing there for everyone.Bee there for you first.Ok?

  3. Oh for Christ's sakes, get that hot, blond, lazy ass out of that bed and come sailing with me....

  4. Would be great to see and talk to you again. But just take your time. We'll be waiting, waiting and waiting or as J calls it www. The Geek! (love you honey!)

    Loads of kisses and hugs <3

  5. Thanks darlings! I know I am straining your patience but imagine how I am irritating myself.

    Despite my reputation for being "the most patient man in SecondLife - and first life as well" I am afraid I must admit that is not at all true. Not in the least.

    Hugs and kisses!


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