Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday Night at The Sanctuary

My attention was directed to this event by a shout-out in The Sanctuary group that "The sexy DJ Butch is starting his set now!"

As you all must know by now I already know a Butch Diavolo, who sometimes is a DJ, so I wondered who this new DJ could be. I started inquiring in the group and it turned out that they were referring to the same Butch. Can you imagine?

Well, then of course I had to ask if Butch had made an extreme avatar makeover to achieve sexiness. This was not answered so I had to go there to check it out on my own.
The sexy DJ Butch with the sexy Shorty and the sexy DJ Feline on each side
I must admit Butch looked unusually hot and energized this evening, there was a glow around him like an aura of hotness which even I could pick up on.

I looked and listened with amazement at this man that I know fairly well and wondered what it could be. His secret prescription for attaining this degree of sexiness was soon revealed. Butch had problems with his equipment. Once in a while (every 15-20 minutes or so) it skipped a few seconds. We started calling him "DJ Sexy Technical Malfunction", or perhaps not "we" but I did.

Nevertheless, I must say his set was awesome tonight and I and everyone there thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Spanki Moulliez, myself and Butch in a shirtless dance

Butch was followed by another amazing and sexy DJ, Arcangelo "DJ Arc" Hellman. He tried to top Butch´s set but they ended neck-and-neck in my not-so-humble opinion. Two great DJ´s battling for our love and both won!

It is also good to once in a while get an eye-opener to the sexiness in those who are already oh so familiar to you. And although I have now admitted that Butch is in fact sexy, I hope you all agree with me that he has the possibility to double his appeal by starting to wear footwear. Bare feet are only sexy in bed or at the beach.
DJ Arc, surrounded by (from left to right) an unknown woman,
his girlfriend Primrose and the host Shorty


  1. Shoes are EVIL!!
    I am glad you enjoyed yourself though. And it was good to actually SEE your sexy self again!

    1. Was good to be seen, even if it was by someone with stinking feet ;P

  2. NOOOOO shoes for Butch!!!!!
    He is sexy as hell and his bare feet are even sexier and make him unique!
    He knows for along time how he makes me drool as so do you Mr McMillan!

  3. All I can mutter out from those shirtless pics is..."WOW" gulp

    1. Ahhh Ziggy, you should have been there! The women may have been sweet but the men, oh the men, they were absolutely delicious!

  4. This time zone thing really kills my chances to see you and Butch in the act!


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