Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Stats for September 2012

The total number of pageviews for Bock in SecondLife in September 2012 was 7,638, which is the lowest since December 2009. The all time high for the blog was set in April 2012, with 18,261 pageviews. March 2012 held the previous record of 16,569 pageviews.

Sweden still leads as my all time largest reader country with a total of 74,602 pageviews, followed by the United States with 73, 992 pageviews and the United Kingdom with 10,830 pageviews.

The three largest language groups among my readers in September 2012 were English (69.0 %), Swedish (12.0 %) and Dutch (8.0 %).

When the blog falls under 120 pageviews a month (as always not counting my own visits) I will start considering to keep this diary of my lives off the Internet.


  1. Don't believe every piece of information Google feeds you from their statistics. My numbers are similarly down. And it occurred to me that since Blogger itself is messed up a good portion of the time (know those times when you try to save a page or post you have written and it won't "take") Blogger can be screwed up too.

    Your long-term blogging numbers are ultimately dependent on the temperament of Google Search, and unless you want to play the game of Search Engine Optimization, its simply not worth it for a non-commercial blog.

    I do not care about the numbers anyway at this point. I do not make any money blogging (when I tried it with Ad Words Google kept on censoring things like my images). I am blogging to please myself, and if anyone else wants to read what I write that is great. If not, then if my regular readers are happy, that is fine too.

    Bock, let me suggest that you celebrate some big numbers (300,000, then 500,000, etc.) and not worry about how your numbers are from one month to the next. You have more than enough hits as it is!

    1. Sound advice, my mentor! ;)

      I may still post my monthly reports just for my own records, but I will not worry much about them ;)


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