Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eddi Answers Eddi on Virtual Breakups

My friend and mentor Eddi Haskell recently broke up from a four year long relationship with Jago Constantine. In a mini-series of two blog posts Eddi has found the strength to tackle the problem of lost love and breakups in virtual reality.

Eddi answers
Eddi asks
In the first part Eddi, the broken hearted, yesterday wrote a letter to his own advice column "Ask Eddi" in which he described what had been, what had happened and his feelings and thoughts about it.

In the second part published today, Eddi, the advisor, answers and gives advice that may help some of you.

The posts are a must read for anyone who has ever been in love in SecondLife.

Eddi had me in tears in both posts. Although I believe we each have to find our own time frame I do find the suggestions Eddi gives are helpful.

"Ask Eddi"; Part 1:A letter I am writing to myself asking for some sage advice on how to handle my recent break-up with Jago

Ask Eddi; Part 2: A letter I am writing to myself asking for some sage advice on how to handle my recent break-up with Jago


  1. Thank you for posting this Bock.

    However, I need to point something out. I would add it to my copy in the two letters, but they are long enough as is.

    My break-up with Jago was mutually agreed upon. I am happy that Jago is getting his real life back without having to worry about leaving me alone in Second Life. And I am sure that Jago is delighted that I am moving along so quickly. I actually woke up today, six days after the break-up, without feeling bad about it.

    If I ever find another inworld partner who loves me as much as he did, I am sure Jago will be ecstatic. I expect him to say as much the next time we catch up.

    Every relationship is different. And, as I said, I was giving myself advice and telling myself what I needed to hear. I by no means recommend it in every case, for some people will need more time.

    Thanks for the support, Eddi.

    1. I am sorry if I appear to have gotten some things wrong, Eddi. I blame my sometimes limited command of the English language.

      My mention of the individual time frame was not really called for by anything in your posts. It was rather me needing to share my own pasts experiences by underlining the fact that each individual must find her/his own timeline. I am so sorry if it came out as criticism, that was not at all my intention.

  2. Bock:

    Awwww Bock:

    Actually you were right and I changed my copy a bit to indicate this.

    Criticism is always welcome and helps. But what you were doing was not criticizing. You were just pointing out something that was missing or could be added to my copy.

    And the Golden Rule of criticism is this -- Never write something that you yourself would not want to read about yourself or your writing. So even if it was, it is always welcome. We cannot improve unless others make suggestions to us.

    But it is good what you added. My letters were heavy and have over 100 views each now.


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