Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Seduction & No Demonstration

This evening I logged into SecondLife with two options in mind, either to let myself be seduced by Ziggy Starsmith or to join Kandinsky Beaumont and Apmel Goosson in a demonstration at Burn against their oppressive rules and their terrible treatment of Kandinsky..

Well, as it turned out none of the three were inworld so I had to make alternative plans. 

I decided to go to my friends Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan´s (honorary) and my Sergeant-at Arms sirhc DeSantis-McMillan´s club OrmDricka instead. The theme was black!

The Magic Garden was filled with good friends and I also hauled my brother Martial Eisenhart over with his new perky mesh-ass.

We had a blast with a lot of fun 70´s music (which was better than I imagined it could be)! That goes to show, you can have a good time even if things don´t work out as you planned.


  1. OOOO Bock How fun it had been if you were there!
    But on the other hand you will now be able to take legal actions for us as we were massbanned tonight.

  2. Actually even innocent bystanders were banned for just standing around looking at the demonstration.

    And not only banned from the sim where it took place but from ALL the six Burn2 sims!

    Would have been nice to have a lawer as a witness :)

  3. I was online and saw you pop in but did not want to disturb you in case you were doing stuff....damn

    1. Well, buddy I am sure there will be other occasions - perhaps, maybe... ;)

  4. "Apmel danced for joy and Kandi enjoyed in statuesque repose just seconds before they got banned - along with everybody else on the premise including innocent bystanders."

  5. Haha Kandi and Apmel, it seems you had an exciting evening I am sorry I missed it! ;)

    (I have been reading up on Apmel´s blog too!)


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