Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today I realized something profound about myself, it is somewhat surprising when that occurs at the advanced age of 42. I got the insight that I am infact extremely, thoroughly and militantly politically correct and proud of it.

I am/I believe in/I support
  • rule of law
  • fundamental human rights
  • democracy
  • feminism
  • atheist
  • humanist
  • wishy washy social democratic liberal of sorts
  • reformist
  • pro welfare state
  • pro health care by the state
  • anti death penalty
  • pro weapons control
  • pro atomic power
  • pro nuclear arms control
  • anti revolutionary 
  • anti racist
  • anti fascist/anti communist/anti nazist ad infinitum
  • gay rights
  • same-sex marriage
  • straight rights
  • different sex marriage
  • pro choice
  • the freedom of the press and the media
  • pro meat/non vegan
  • pro defense
etc. etc.(I may or may not add to the list as I come to think of views and standpoints that I adhere to.)

The derogatory use of the term P.C. to ridicule and minimize my ideals and views don't bother me at all.


  1. UH OH!!! I find myself agreeing with all of those... Guess that makes me P.C. too... And you are right it is a good thing to be. Therefore I hereby apologize if you felt my comment on your previous post was derogatory. It certainly was not meant to be. I'm a bit of an enfant terrible as you should know by now... Maybe I got a bit carried away... Tintin (or Kuifje as he is known as in Flanders) is a bit of an institution over here. Once again I would like to stress tho I did not mean to ridicule and minimize your ideals, especially since most of them are mine too.

    1. My darling Guyke, I did not take offence by your comment yesterday, I promise!

      It just made me think of the term P.C. and what it stands for and how it is used and against whom.

      You are in no way an enfante terrible. You have always been the sweetest, loveliest and most charming son, well except for those extremely short periods when you pissed me off totally... but I have already forgotten them, almost...

      Hugs and kisses and love you always!

    2. Love you too my dearest Bockilein <3

      And :P for the almost...

      Sleep tight my darling stepdad XOXOXO

  2. Habla me
    Como te camelo yo
    we click on every point almost :)
    Love zigga

    1. Extraordinary, who would have thought - now what happens if I add that I am pro EU and for Sweden joining the Euro, you Northern Light of my life! ;)

      (I hope everyone can hear Ziga kicking and screaming with disgust - LOL!)


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