Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am sure you all know of Ziggy Starsmith. Ziggy is (to quote myself from a comment on his blog) "my dear, sweet, charmingly hotheaded, fiery and wonderfully passionate but extremely rash darling buddy". On his blog (Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life) he regularly rants wildly about different viewers, sim-crossings and such things. To put it succinctly, Ziggy does not - and I emphasize not - love Linden Lab and that company´s customer or product services as much as I usually do.

Well, after my horrendous experiences inworld yesterday I was extremely close to agreeing with him. It was the second worst night of my whole existence in SecondLife. Whatever I did, and even if i did nothing at all, I crashed, crashed, crashed and - yes, you probably guessed it - crashed again and again.
The laird at the lowest point
I was white with rage and fuming with smoke coming out of my ears and my nostrils flaring  To top it off. my dear, sweet and loving son Guyke takes the time to inform me "I and Janttu are actually running Firestorm viewers on the Ultra graphic setting and are having no problems at all!" 

Murdering one´s stepson is not considered acceptable in polite company, but I was just seconds from doing just that. Luckily I crashed and was thus saved from that fate.

The impertinent boy also told me to upgrade to Windows 8 and to abandon the official Linden viewer (Viewer 3) and install Firestorm again. So after my last crash, the one following the murderous thoughts, I did just that to cool myself down.

The upgrade to Windows 8 Pro was simple and cheap (around US $40). The upgrade assistant did all the work well. I love the sleek new look 

But when I tried going inworld again with my Windows 8 Pro platform and the Firestorm viewer, guess what happened? You got it, I crashed, crashed and crashed! Then I decided to call it a night and try again today, reports will follow.


  1. i also run firestorm on ultra and all the extra stuff turned on - with no (or very little problems - depending on if its a bad SL day when everyone has problems of course)and on win xp im sad to say my win 7 disc didnt work so im stuck with xp until further notice.... windows 8 im not going to even look at for well another year or so, never go with the just released OS too many bugs

    1. Ughh and they told me my computer was powerful! ;(

      I have a three months old computer with four hard drives, and only use about 10 % of one of them with all my shit, a graphics card that was updated a week ago and still my viewer collapses...

      I always update a.s.a.p....

    2. actualy updating as soon as the graphic driver wants it is NOT always a good thing...when i got my new comp stuff i did update but i knew that update was ok..two days later there was another update which i denied. later i saw ppl having problems in sl having done that update...they had to revert to the old to fix the problem. so update a.s.a.p is not always a good thing

    3. I agree with Vampi. Let driver updates stew for a bit if you can, since one line of errant code in the update can ruin an application. This is what happened with Catalyst (ATI) drivers and myself. An update messed up the ability to work with existing Firestorm, and I cannot seem to get Firestorm to work correctly -- and do not want to totally redo my hard drive to eliminate fragments of code that are ruining my driver graphics, and cannot be "swept" away. Other ATI users report the same thing. Let updates stew before you automatically pick up a revision.

  2. Hugs Bock and looks to the Linden sky for the savior to ascend and unfurl a miracle fix to dissolve the unclean layers which remain un-wiped and douche us with a working Second Life...

    1. Awww Ziggy, you always say the right things! ...and hugging has always had a very soothing effect on me :)

  3. Hugs you so tight and never let's you go...unless you crash!


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