Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angels in Our Lives

I believe in angels! No, no, I have neither become a born again Christian that suddenly found religion, nor have I gone off on a New Age trip, but I truly believe that angels walk among us. Angels of flesh and blood and pixels, true humans who with kind love and glowing fervor affect us in a profound way when they touch our lives.

These angels show us love and by doing so teach us to love ourselves and each other. They bring us together and let us work for common goals for the benefit of our communities. With gentle persuasion and kindness they bring out the best in us, even when we did not know we had it in us.

While they still live and move among us we call them lovers, friends and acquaintances, not until they have passed do we recognize them for what they truly were. Their human fallibilities and shortcomings are in retrospect so greatly outshone by the good they have done that we feel grateful that our lives have been touched by them, however briefly.

Fabrice Snook
One of these angels was Fabrice Snook.

Yesterday I had the joy and honor to participate in the Gay Archipelago´s commemoration of Fabrice´s life at Chilipepper. The event took place on the day a year after he had passed away (although we in SecondLife did not get the news until several weeks later). A year is understandably too short a time to heal for those who have been closest to an angel, but I believe that the rest of us can - and indeed should - remember the angels, preferably together with others who have been touched by them.

It was a wonderful event that started off with a great concert with AM Quar. After that there was an unveiling of a statue of Fabrice and then a dance with the DJ-duo Sasch and Sascha (Petrov and Laval, respectively, or perhaps the other way around I get confused).

Thank you Fabrice for touching my life, I will always remember your kindness.

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  1. Great Party for sure :-) even though my pants malfunctioned


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