Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I´m Needy...

I am sicker than I have been anytime ever before in my whole life with this uncommon cold. It´s really pathetic I know, but like the classic description of a man sick in "man cold", I believe that I am on the brink of death.

The support I get through daily telephone conversations with my parents and my boss, who unanimously tell me that I am a good, brave and strong boy and more likely than not will actually survive this ordeal, just aren't nearly enough to console me.

No hugs and kisses please, just kind and supportive words will do fine! Just tell me you think I may survive, even if you do not believe it yourself. (You are allowed to lie to a dying man!)


  1. /me rubs your head and says poor little bunneh! You will survive and be an even stronger bunneh!

  2. YES bock my dear you are going to survive! *puts a cold damp cloth on your forehead to easy the fever* the fever will go away the runny nose and the cough will fade the sore throat will heal and you will begin to feel better in a few days - just been there myself two weeks ago and i am still alive:) try and make some tea with honey and a fishermans friend in and wrap up yourself - either on the sofa watching tv or in bed... REST and drink lots of fluids :) you WILL make it:)

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-J5KUtGlpA

    Hope this will bring some light in your dark days :-)

  4. Vitamin C Vitamin C Vitamin C and garlic garlic garlic....worked for me so far as I too have been on deaths door....hello death, hello oblivion....

  5. You will be well before you know it buddy!

  6. Listen to Ziggy and eat garlic and alot of Vitamin C. Works for me.

  7. Thanks darlings, I already see the light at the end of the tunnel. If its heaven and the pearly gates opening up for me or the end of this uncommon cold I cannot say yet...

  8. Somehow the phrase "man cold" turns me on. It reminds me of my third husband, but in a different way.

    Plenty of rest and stay hydrated. And the other commenters are right, chicken soup.

    1. Thanks Dej, can I please have asparagus, mushroom or artichoke soup instead, I happen to detest chicken...


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