Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Doomsday Survivors

On Sunday I met up with Dej before going to the commemoration party for Circe Broom.

We were both feeling like shit but for various reasons. I had my "bad-flu-masquerading-as-an-uncommon-cold-with-the-head- and- body-aches-not-turning-up-until-much-later" while Dej had some ugly first life issues unfolding. We decided that we sure as hell were N-O-T going to get properly dressed for the whole holiday instead we would just slouch around in our pajamas and curlers looking at the decorated Christmas tree!
Photo by Dejerrity Mycron
Yesterday - which was the big Christmas event in Sweden - my parents sent me some Christmas food and my Christmas presents with my first life brother in-law, so that I would not totally miss out on the festivities. I stowed it all into the fridge and haven´t felt any inclination to even look at it. If I even think of food I just want to throw up. They also sent some medications though and those were helpful, both the expectorant cough-medication and the Serevent® Diskus®. I can actually breathe again without much problem.
Dej and I have decided to blame it all - everything - on the damned Mayans and their latter day doomsday prophets/con men.


  1. Well Bock you look absolutely fabulous in curlers and all that was missing was a glorious frilly bath robe or well dirtied frock so you can wipe your nose on the sleeves without a care or bothering to move a sore muscle just to lift a soft tissue to your inflamed nostrils which are caked with layer upon layer of unwiped boogies ;-)
    Get better so you can come help shovel the huge amounts of snow at Bron Yr Aur and have dinner with us.

    1. Ewwwwwwwww the visual images that were created in my mind were truly nauseating...

      Love you man, take good care of the kid and put him to work with the snow-shovel!

      Hope to see you both soon, when the word "dinner" sounds like something tempting again ;)

  2. Bring Butch and friends as well we need to FEAST

  3. Awww poor handsome bugger, so siok! *sending virtual home cooked Chicken soup *

    1. Yummy, except for the fact that there is nothing I detest more than chicken! :)

      No worries though, my dear mothers Swedish meatballs have worked their magic on me. Once I could force myself to eat five of them on Wednesday I felt their healing powers immediately.. ;)


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