Friday, January 11, 2013

New and Worsened!

Together with my dear friend and personal stylist Theresa Linden of the fashion house Lin-dEn-laB I have now made an extreme and complete makeover.

I think my boyish and unique new look will be a success!

I used to get complaints about being too tall, too muscular, too blond and too devastatingly handsome. That is no longer a problem. Safe, likable and blending in with the wood-work...

It did not help with my problems though, not as far as I could see during my quick visit tonight.


  1. The noob look is sorta cute...Guyke and I could adopt you and feed you to make you big and strong again ;-)

    1. A son and son in-law adopting the stepfather and father in-law? Well that should be an interesting first even for SecondLife... ROFL

  2. Well a new avatar, new shape and new skin = virgin and your a whole new person hahaha ;-)
    Plus the smutty talk would be repeated for double the pleasure.

  3. Replies
    1. Ohhhh - and did you really believe that he actually would behave?


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