Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There´s A New Girl In-World

There is a new female avatar is SecondLife and I met her tonight for the first time.

Her name is Butchella DeVille and she is only two days old. She looks wonderful, stunning and really sharp! Exquisite taste always helps in creating an avatar and this girl can rely on one of the best.

Actually she has everything except shoes, which is how you would recognize her creator... smelly, bare feet (Butch has actually progressed to sandals lately. I am happy to say.)

Below you see today's gathering of male avatars with their newly created female alternate accounts (alts).

The amazing thing that happened is that I kept up my usual repeats in chat (sighhhhhhhh good old #01587329 is getting really tiresome), while Lady Cruella didn't repeat at all. As Butch told me, it cannot be my computer or my broadband causing this problem, it must be something else.
From left Butch Diavolo, Lady Cruella (reclining), Butchella and Bock.
Photographer Butch Ciavolo


  1. send her to Baby Monkey shoes there are 11 chairs with lots of GOOD shoes and boots :)

  2. Very stunning broads I must say which also includes you in there too mr Bock ;-)
    Lady Ziggy creamed in her jeans.
    Btw what would your thoughts be if Ziggy ever became a full! ;-)

  3. Loving the Tina Turner hair Butchella :P


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