Thursday, February 14, 2013

OBR 2013

The day of the One Billion Rising had arrived, I threw myself on the computer when I got home to take part in the fun and the manifestation against men's violence against women. I could not stay very long because I had only slept about three-and-a-half hours the past night so I was very tired.

Despite that I, and despite I most likely was there after most of the Euro´s had logged off and before the Americans logged in there were quite a lot of people assembled. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met a few nice people, some that I knew already and others that were charming anyway. 
SaveMe Oh, the well-known performance artist had been pre-banned from the event by some meddling fool, but she turned up at the event all the same in the form of her alt Ms. SaveMe Ohare. Even though she behaved like a perfect lady as far as I could judge, the meddling twats kicked her off the sim and banned her anyhow. I despise unforgiving, vindictive and petulant a-*-*-h-o-l-e-s.
Ziggy, my buddy the furry red-striped tiger joined me for awhile, before he had to go off to have dinner. It was nice meeting him again, I haven´t seen or talked much with him since his and my stepson Guykechen's break-up.

I stayed and danced until the sun had set, then I felt the tiredness overwhelming me, so I logged off to write up this post and then crawl to bed for an early night.


  1. Thank you for not being embarrassed for dancing beside a very furry, red striped feline...;-)


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