Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Anonymous Commenting

The Egg-Despiser (Hamburg 1931), photographer  Herbert List
Today I have changed the options on Bock in SecondLife concerning commenting.

Anonymous comments will no longer be allowed. The reason for this decision is that lately I have been overwhelmed with spam-comments and that 99.8 % of those who comment anonymously are spammers.

To those of you who have earlier made legitimate comments anonymously I kindly suggest you get a Google Account or some other Open-ID account, as all comments from Registered Users will be allowed. You can choose any name you wish for yourself through these services.


  1. I been getting the same thing for weeks now so I set my settings to registered comments only as well. Much better.

  2. I don´t understand this problem. Almost ALL of spamcomments that are anonymous get caught in Bloggers own spamfilter. At least for me. I just finnished deleting close to 6000 such comments caught that way.

  3. Apmel, it used to be like that for me too, but suddenly a lot of the spam-comments aren't caught by spam filter. You are also protected by the word verification option that you have set in your comment options.

    I refuse to use word verification because it makes it literally impossible - or at least extremely difficult - to comment on the clogs that use that option.

  4. Bock, I did the same thing last week independently! I have been filtering so many anonymous spam comments out -- mostly from sleazy loan companies - it was driving me nuts. I have no more now that people must sign in.


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