Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Politically (In)Correct

This is to prove to my Dutch friend Kahvy Sands, who comments as his husband Rick de vette on this blog (with the flimsy excuse that he cannot log in as himself pffft), that I am proudly politically correct yet I still dare post this version of "Forever Young".

Actually I cannot see what's so challenging about this clip, but perhaps it's because it is 2.30 AM and I am too tired due to a sudden onset of insomnia...


  1. Hmmmm! Maybe that is because you posted the less controversial one sweety! But you are naughty, don't have to tell me that!

    But ehm, don't talk to me about Flimsy Excuses... to quote the Infamous Jack McFarland: I'm not like the other men in your life.... I, WILL hit you!

    ( just not very hard X-) )

  2. YAY that WORKED! OMG finally X-) Ok no more comments now :P

  3. Welcome Kahvy, I am sure Rick will be relieved ;)


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