Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 XIX (Updated)

I got this email from my friend Theresa Linden at Linden Lab this morning. It is quite a lot to respond to so I am posting the response I am sending when I have gather the information that Whirly wants.

Illustration from PCCare
Somehow they seem to be under the impression that the unchecking of the HTTP Textures did not help, I cannot understand why because I thought I told them in my report that it actually worked very well, except for the first four minutes or so. 

I blame myself, my English must be poorer than I thought and I will have to clear up that misunderstanding in my response to them. So here goes with the email from Linden Lab.

"A comment has been added to your Case.. 

Case: 01587329
Avatar: Bock McMillan
Type: Other Inworld Issues
Status: Information Requested
Hi Bock!

More fun and more suggestions from Whirly here:

Sorry to hear Bock is still having problems.

Some more thoughts...

When did this problem start for Bock? Can he think of anything that changed at his end that coincided with this issue starting?

eg) Change of ISP, moving house, new computer, new router/cable modem, change of router configuration, installing different firewall/antivirus, installing any "gamebooster" type software, Kitty walking on the keyboard...

His system info is taken when not logged in so doesnt show packet loss.

When he is seeing the repeating chat etc, if he goes to Help -> About Second Life, what does his packetloss show on the last line?

Where did he actually take his connection readings to?

Are his readings looking as good if he measures to where LL have their servers?
Follow these links, then select "Your Preferred Server":
Dallas,TX: http://softdallas.speedtest.net/
Phoenix,AZ: http://brinkster.speedtest.net/
Reston,VA: http://reston.speedtest.net/

Does he have another computer in the house connected to the same network and can he reproduce his problem on that?

He has reported that he created an alt LadyCruellaMcMillan, and there are none of these issues happening with it.

Is he totally sure about that?

It seems this problem can seem cured & then reappears the next day. Did he test long enough on the fresh noob before declaring there was no problem?

If his problem really is account specific, that seems quite strange & probably isnt a good sign for a hopeful cure lol Is there anything unusual about his Bock account that could possibly have an effect on his problem? 

eg) Does Bock have a massive inventory size and is he maybe clearing his cache each login? (People do this often >.<) or was Bock a reactivated account after being deleted?

It sounds like Bock has already been put in test character & that didnt help the issue, so I guess t...

To reply to this case, either Reply to this email, or visit : https://secondlife.com/my/support/?caseID=01587329

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into Secondlife.com with this Avatar: Bock McMillan)"


  1. I just want to attest to Bock's excellent command of the English language. No need to worry, hun :) There have been a lot of comments back and forth. Surely, some have been forgotten :)

    1. Thank you Diana, you´re always too kind ;)



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