Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today it felt like I had gotten my second life back again!

After first making sure that the effects of changing the setting of "Quality and speed" in the graphics was still there, I felt a lot of the anxiety and worries just leave me. It was a glorious and wonderful warm feeling, because for a while I had believed I might have to abandon Bock, which would be like cutting away an arm or a foot. So much of me is tied up with Bock.

Well, the effects were still there and I could actually recreate the strange phenomenon of #01587329 by changing the graphics settings to between High and Ultra. And stop it by changing the settings back to High or Ultra.

The strangest thing about this whole experience is that I had two avatars (Bock and Cruella) running simultaneously on the same hardware, software, ISP and the same viewer with the exact same settings and one of them had the problems while the other one did not. Very curios!

My only problem now is that I freeze up after many teleports and a short while later I crash, but that I think I can live with even if it is a little annoying.

The warm and happy feeling made me do a few mischievous things, I went trespassing to the homes of a few friends who were otherwise occupied or away in first life.. Would you believe it, at one of the places the owners had actually had the nerve to change things since my last visit there so that I landed in water? Cheeky buggers!

When the cat is away....!
When the boys are away....!


  1. Oh it was an honor to have the King of Southern Charm warm our bench with his bum. ;-)

    1. "Roi ne suis, ne Prince ne Duc ne Comte aussi; Je suis le laird de Southern Charm" ("I am not a King, nor Prince nor Duke nor Count; I am the Laird of Southern Charm") is the age old staunchly independent motto of the lairds of Southern Charm.

      ...the bench was quite comfortable, thank you very much ;)

  2. Was it our reclaimed tract of land where you got submerged Sir Laird? Our former land was rotated clockwise and expanded since your last visit and our old house used to be located east of the boat house...confused yet hahahaha

    1. Yes that was were I took a plunge into the ice cold waters of Second Norway. I was not amused but I forgive you both, because I love you dearly.


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