Saturday, March 16, 2013

Solace Island Goes Out with a Bang

It is sometimes said that "All good things must come to an end, the bad ones just go on forever". I always hated that expression and I do not believe it is true. However, some good things do sometimes come to an end and if that happens it is, in my not so humble opinion, better if it goes out with a bang and not a whimper.

Solace Island has, since it was first established as a Swedish stronghold in SecondLife in the early days, been an institution that for a very long time was only paralleled by the Swedish Embassy sims through the avatars that inhabited the place more than anything else. In later years another Swedish stronghold has grown up around Iendi Laville and her Yadkin sims.

The Swedish Embassy - alas - went out with a whimper through a bureaucratic decision and without any closing ceremonies whatsoever. Not so with Solace Island, the inhabitants would never allow that.

Yesterday Apmel Goosson, Kandinsky Beaumont and Millimina Salamander invited us all over to say goodbye to Solace Island with a huge bang. They were assisted in this by the performance artist Ms. SaveMe Oh, who made it a mission of mercy to see to it that it did not go unnoticed. She may have a heart after all, although I know many among the cultural elitists in SecondLife who would adamantly deny it.

When I first landed on the sim yesterday my graphic card was assaulted by an attack of white penises and other rubbish which made me think "Has the woman finally crossed the line into complete and utter madness?". As it turned out it was a griefer-attack by some pathetic soul who wanted to get back on the venerable and admittedly obnoxious Ms. Oh, but without her refinement.

Once the griefer had been dealt with those of us who were there had a wonderful time. SaveMe Oh put up a tremendous show and had us in the audience running from a white box to a black boxes through rows of onlooking donkeys (black box) or sheep (white box). If you happen to see an extremely manly shape hanging by one ankle under three balloons in the pictures below, that's me!
Thank you for the party dear family and friends Millimina, Apmel and Kandinsky.

I have been informed that you have made plans for a new home, but if there should be a delay in moving in please know that I would always be happy to offer a temporary home for the refugees from Solace Island on Southern Charm. I could always knock up a trailer park at the location where the barn is, if you do not want to sleep in the comfortable barn itself.


  1. Thanks buddy, in spite of drunken talk like this last night :)

    Bock McMillan: I blame Apmel, for drawing the attention of the whole art community and LEA to the existence of Solace Island by his constant defense of the obnoxious performance artist SaveMe Oh!

    1. LOL look who's talking, let me quote from your own blog today.

      Apmel Goosson: hello allo friends..IT IS ALL MY FAULT
      Aake Roffo (aake.roffo): of course it is, Apmel
      NE0 Timeless: it s always sad when sim is removed
      ArtWolf Eternal: that must been shock for you ,when so short warning time
      Apmel Goosson: i ALMOST LOST MY SEXDRIVE
      Aake Roffo (aake.roffo): you exhausted it by those thingies, Apmel
      Apmel Goosson: I feel impotent tonight..such a new feeling
      ush Underwood: kandi are not in black on this sad moment?
      Apmel Goosson: this is a new beginning
      Apmel Goosson: I am hoping for more sex all around
      Kandinsky Beaumont: Not on my backyard hehe
      Apmel Goosson: I didn´t even grief the place with penises


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