Friday, April 26, 2013

"We Didn't Even Get Dessert..."

Yesterday the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, returned back home from the short state visit to the Kingdom of Sweden.

According to the communiqués issued from both nations the visit went well and the peace and friendship treaty between the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment and the Kingdom of Sweden was signed as intended. This blog however, soon after the return of the entourage, picked up on some rumors from the loose-lipped confidants that had accompanied the laird on the trip that perhaps all had not gone as well as the communikqués declared.

As far as it has been possible to establish it seems the laird himself was involved in an unfortunate incident at the closing luncheon arranged by the Swedish hosts. When we approached the laird for some information about what may have occurred he was surprisingly forthcoming. 

"It was that German woman, what's her name---?, the tall one with one too many facelifts...? (Prince Wild whispered discreetly "Queen Silvia") "....ahh yes Silvio, thank you Wild. That woman, the queen, had been badgering me for two days telling me that I "simply had to come" to the wedding this summer of their youngest daughter to some American commoner. Finally I could not take more and snapped at her that I certainly would not attend because I had much more important things to do, I could not be expected to attend every wedding I was invited to. Besides the same weekend as the marriage I was going to a spa for a purifying and purging colonic and after that there was the annual Farmers Market at Southern Charm where I was going to be head judge in "The Mr. Sexy Farmer" contest for the sixth year running. This kind explanation lead to the German woman getting upset and starting to howl and cry like crazy and it was then suggested that I and my delegation better leave the lunch. Well, what does one expect really from the descendants of a French revolutionary from the Napoleonic era? We didn't even get dessert before being thrown out, imagine that! "

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