Sunday, May 19, 2013

2,000 Posts

This is the 2,000th post of Bock in SecondLife since it's start on August 25, 2009. Since the start there have also been 5,048 comments, 362,239 pageviews and I have acquired 94 followers (3 non-public).

In honor of this accomplishment I would like to thank my loyal readers for staying with me for such a long time, through thick and thin and through sorrows and joys. I could never have made it this long without y'all!


  1. Congrats bud way to go! And 2000 very well written posts I must add!

  2. oh mi gosh! I never knew you had a blog! ;)

    Congrats on your 2000th post! and here's to many, many thousands more!

  3. Congrats my friend!!!
    Grattis min vän, jag beundrar och jag följer din blogg

  4. Congratulations, my friend! I enjoy your viewpoints and what you have to say!

  5. Thank you, my dear friends! ;)

    Benja, till dig vill jag särskilt säga att din svenska verkligen är utmärkt. Varför har du inte avslöjat detta tidigare? Besos, mi querido amigo!

  6. congrats bock buddy:)
    and also from an earlier post about the hobbit... we have now today seen it and i totally agree it is lovely and i want to see it again and again cant wait for the next two ones(yes a big fan of the lord of the rings movies and have read the books ALL of them several times)

  7. YAY! Congratulations, Bock :) I love your blog!!! (love you,too) Keep up the great writing! Hugggssssss


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