Friday, May 24, 2013

Call for Festival DJ’s & Entertainers

This came to me via a press release by the Second Pride Festival.

Thank you for your interest in DJ-ing at one of the largest LGBTQ Community Events held in Second Life.

This year the Festival runs between June 14th – June 23rd.

Kharissa Indigo, the Second Pride Events Director, is in the process of filling in the schedule for all the Events and is looking forward to adding your name.

Attached is a note card for you to fill out if you would like to be scheduled to play at the 2013 Festival. Every DJ will be getting the same note card. DJ’s will be scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis after the opening and closing events and events by our sponsors have been scheduled. (In the event a sponsor does not have a preferred DJ for their time slot, a DJ will be provided for those sponsored time slots at the discretion of the Second Pride Festival Event Director).

Please make sure to either submit the online form below or send an in-world note card to Kharissa Indigo to be scheduled for a set during the festival.

If you know of any DJ’s that need a note card, please feel free to pass on this information.


DJ's are each allowed a single 2-hour time slot, after all the DJ’s have been scheduled – remaining time will be scheduled to DJ’s wishing for additional time slots. This makes it fair for all DJ's who want to play at Pride.


This is a fund raiser and charity event for Second Pride.

DJ’s should encourage donations to Second Pride and should direct those donations to the Second Pride Kiosks.

TIP JARS will be assigned to DJ’s at the Pride Festival and will be a 50/50 split. When you log into your assigned tip jar, your profile picture will be displayed.

Entertainment Application


  1. I'm actually the Talent Coordinator for Dublin Pride this year. I'm putting together a 4 hour showcase on a huge outdoor stage at the After-Parade Party.

    Soooo... happy and busy this year for Pride but best of luck to everyone working in it - It was always one of the best gigs of the years

    1. Damn, you are one of my favorite attractions at every pride, sweetheart, I love your parties as you well know!

      So I am guessing I will have to plan a trip to Dublin Pride this year instead. Mmmmmmmm all those gorgeous Gaelic studs, not a bad idea at all, I think I may jut come over! ;)

    2. P.S. Lisa Feay used to be know as the astounding and fabulous Ms. Elfay Pinkdot in SecondLife.

    3. Well I'm still known as that... somewhere? My Google Profile says both names...what's a girl to do!? NO nicknames on google+ (yeah right that's really working)

      Yes! come to Dublin and getcher Pride on!!! It promises to be a rather Fab time.

    4. I am sure I will find some hunky Irishman or two who can offer me a bed with clean sheets and a roof over my head, even if it should be for "services rendered"... ;))


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