Monday, May 6, 2013

My Feet Examination

Today I - as a part of preparing for the forthcoming changes in my first life - had my feet examined by an orthopedic technician (Profession corrected after reading Eddi's comment below).

The orthopedic technician was so absolutely enthralled by my feet that for a minute I was almost expecting him to start kissing, licking or - at least - sniffing them.

Luckily for me we had company so, with a deep sigh and a shudder of restraint, he controlled his urges and instead went ahead to inform me that I had the most beautiful high arches he had encountered during his ten year career. Likewise the hyper-mobility and over-supination of both my ankles was way past anything he had seen before.

In his judgement I would need very steady shoes to walk and/or run much without the risk of getting injuries. At least we would start there and see if I needed additional aids as time passed. He kindly assisted me to choose a pair of running shoes that were extremely comfortable and should help me with keeping my feet steady despite their hyper-mobility.
The chosen footwear
After today's experience I am bound to look at my feet in a completely new and more respectful way, Im sure.


  1. It sounds like the doctor was getting off looking at, feeling, and smelling your feet. Do him a favor and mail him three very sweaty and smelly pairs of your most used socks, after leaving them sealed in a plastic bag in a warm place for a month, and invite him to sleep with them tied around his head. He needs it.

    1. ROFL& Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

      How can you imagine that I would ever have sweaty and smelly socks? That's actually another of my blessed genetic inheritances, almost no foot or hand sweat. My socks still smell of the detergent and fabric softener they were washed in after being worn during a warm day ... ;)

    2. P.S. They guy was not a doctor, I realized my mistake after reading your comment and have corrected his profession to "orthopedic technician"

  2. This is unbelievable how well they make mesh feet stink now days ;-)
    Butch will be shaken to his core with this news....

  3. By the sound of it, it was Ziggy in disguise examining your feet... Did he take out a feather to tickle them as well?

    And Ziggy: my feet don't stink! neither in SL as in RL. So there :P

  4. Butch the only way to be absolutely sure is to have me examine your feet thoroughly while they are firmly tied down...

  5. Awwww get a room you two, or perhaps more suitable a booth at the closest podiatrists clinic. ;)


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