Saturday, May 25, 2013

On "The Boys are Back in Town"

The Boys are Back in Town from Tremendum Pictures on Vimeo.

A post on Ziggy's blog yesterday (Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life: "The Boys are Back in Town" (url)) reminded me of the discussions my Ars and I used to have at irregular intervals about our son Guyke and his SecondLife love life. Our son's love life was always a major concern for Ars,

"When is the kid finally going to settle down? Why can't he just stick with the great guys he has found?", he would ask me worriedly. This was after Guyke had in close succession been in long-lasting relationships with two men - who had both been to Ars and my liking - and had suddenly broken the relationships off. "He brings along new men and expects us to befriend them and love them and take them into our family and then ends it all for some mysterious reason. I am not having this anymore, babe, the next guy he brings along we will not allow into the land-group until we really know it will last!"

"Kiddo is still young, babe, and we may know a lot of what is going on between him and his men but I am sure we don't know everything. Besides it's his love life, we cannot choose whom he should love, now can we?", I used to say to try and calm him down. "And remember, babe, he is good at picking up easily likable  men - well except for (name withheld, an avatar whom Ars never trusted or liked.)"

"Don't be a damned fool, Bock, of course it is his love life and he gets to choose, I am just hoping that he at some point will stick with his choice, just like we have, and not keep looking for greener grass somewhere else."

"I love you too, babe! Like all parents I think we just have to go along for the ride and try to be there for him when things go awry. I am sure he will settle at some point."

"Yeah, but we will still not let any of his new guys into our group until we decide so ourselves, not because he wants us too"

"Of course not, Ars, it is our group and we decide whom we let in or not!"


  1. I must clear something up and confess...this time it has not been dear Guyke who has been flip flopping but my very very bad boy antics ascending and descending and unfurling in tsunami's of yes and no's.
    Maybe Guyke has met his match ;-0
    BUT...maybe this time a dyke has been set in place to quell the vicious tides rise and falls....maybe the waters have been finally contained! ;-)

    1. Of course, dear Ziggy, when it comes to love there are always two people involved, but from the worried parents perspective it always comes down to the child they love and care for. ;)

  2. Maybe you need to come over for a tea more often to keep an eye on things ;-)
    You don't have to be reminded that the door is always open xxx

    1. Thanks buddy, I will remember that, but to make sure I do not disturb I will always send you an IM before dropping in on you ;)

  3. I love you so much for caring. I have sent you a mail today. Which will explain some more.
    Love you dearest Bockilein xoxoxo

    1. My darling Guykechen,

      Thank you so much for the email, it explained a lot. Ziggychen was really tight-lipped when I tried to put him through an interrogation yesterday evening. All I got from him was that you were safe and that I should not worry, which of course I did not do once he made that clear to me, even if I still wondered.

      Be safe, be strong and come back to us when you are able. I and Ziggy - and I am sure a few more - will be here waiting for your return.

      Love you always. kiddo, always!

  4. Remember guys, always look fabulous, be fabulous, live fabulous and tell me I am fabulous ;-)

    1. You are the most fabulous tight-lipped bugger in SecondLife, buddy!


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