Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lo Stallone Italiano

Daimon, Heloq and Dodo
DJ Heloq Tomsen is a rather new acquaintance to me. although he has been around for a long time. I cannot understand how I can have missed him until two nights ago, but there it is - I did. 
I enjoy his style and his music very much. Heloq has a very calm and assertive manner with lots of charm and humor, it's very "macho" but in an unobtrusive way. In my mind I like to think of him as "the Italian stallion", hence the title of this post.

Guyke, I, Kharissa & Butch
My son Guyke and my buddy Butch accompanied me to the set. The three of us and the rest of the audience had a great time during the two hours the set lasted. 
Butch  Diavolo
The always beautiful Spanki Moulliez

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