Friday, June 21, 2013

My Fastest Kiss

I was sitting with Lee McKay today, trying to see the fashion show. When the show was over a man came over and said hi to Lee and then gave him a hug, which I thought was pretty sweet. The man was Cody Bolero.

Cody then said "Hi! handsome" to me and told me he wanted to give me a hug for coming to the show. I answered that he was still blurry and grey to me, but that I was guessing he looked gorgeous. I also told him I would gladly hug him. (As those who know me well are aware, I never ever turn down a hug.) So I got on my feet and accepted the animation he sent me.

To my big surprise the animation turned out to be a deep kiss, which almost knocked me off my feet and out of my socks. This was the fastest kissing session I have ever had with a stranger.

Cody laughed at me and told me "That was so worth it!", I laughed back a bit shyly and told him he had taken me so off guard that I hadn't even thought of taking a picture. (I think I may have said this in the hope that he would offer to repeat it...)

Cody then went on to invite me to the Boystown Party. I hadn't planned on going, as it was held rather late in my timezone, but how could I turn this guy down so I told him I would come. The man came into my life as a tornado, within 45 seconds of meeting we had kissed and become friends.

I must say that I was relieved to see in his profile (which I of course immediately checked) that he was partnered), otherwise I do not know what would or could have happened.

When I saw Cody later at the party he finally rezzed to me and this is what I saw. Terribly cute isn't he?
Cody Bolero
We didn't have much of a chance to talk at the party as Cody seemed to be hosting it. But that was no problem for me because there were lots of others I knew at the party. Carl says on his blog, Naked Carl, Second Pride The Boystown Party, that there at one point were over 100 avatars at the party. No wonder we all saw grey people.

It was lucky for me that Cody was one of the few that rezzed completely for me, otherwise I would still have been wondering what he looked like, which would have given me a sleepless night.
Lee McKay dancing among grey people
I and the handsome Baz Ceawlin  (Second Pride IT director)

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  1. Cody is a wonderful man and you were lucky you got a big kiss from him.
    He is always friendly.


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