Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Bastards

I have always steadfastly maintained that it is one of life's basic truths that there are too few bastards in our lives.

What is important to know when you are reading my opinion above is that there are actually two different kinds of bastards.

First you have the bastards, that I am alluding to, the ones that say "To hell with it all, I will do and say what I wish." These are the ones who do not care about social conventions or rules that have been established to provide a sense of security to the more timorous among us. Although these bastards may sometimes hurt others feelings that is not their objective. It doesn't even occur to them that anyone can be hurt by what they have to say or do when they are being themselves, speaking their mind and voicing their opinions.

Then you have the other kind, the kind that give assholes a bad name. These bastards willfully set out to create trouble, destroy and hurt as many people as they possibly can in the process. Usually these bastards act in a sly, underhanded way, preferably cloaked in anonymity, because they are - Surprise! Surprise! - also huge cowards who do not wish to suffer the consequences of their words actions or convictions. This latter kind of bastards are usually motivated by revenge. They may have a lost an election of sorts or perceive themselves as not being appreciated enough for their charms, talents or work and now want to get back at the ones that they feel are the cause of their lack of success.

One of the bad kind of bastards has recently emerged, the Internet is a godsend for them. This bastard first appeared on Facebook I am told, but when Facebook banned him has moved the hateful slanderous vomiting to the blogosphere. The objective of this s-o-b, anonymous, loser is to bring discord into the gay community, smear the Second Pride Festival and some of it's directors.

I have now purged myself of this attention seeking good-for-nothing and will now continue enjoying Second Pride. May the wanker rot in his own vomit!


  1. My experience with these types of people is to try not to pay any attention to their rantings. I've always respected that everyone has an opinion and yes, some people crass the line of what is right and wrong. The internet has given us much - some of it good and then there is the anonymous aspect which some individuals abuse.
    Carry on the good fight, my friend. Try not to let someone else's views on things spoil your Pride season! XO

    1. Thanks buddy, I hate when people anonymously make vicious personal attacks on people, especially if they are people I know and am friends with.

      I just had to get it out of my system, I am feeling great again and can now ignore what else he may have to say.



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