Saturday, June 15, 2013

Romanum vs, Gor

I never visit the fighting sims in SecondLife. The only times I have been to Romanum or any of the Gor sims have been for shopping purposes of some sort. When I saw that there was a fight scheduled between the Gladiators of Romanum and warriors of the Scimitar clan of Gay Gor I knew I would have to watch it.

The arena was a beautiful build and it was interesting to look at all the hunky warriors and gladiators and their entourage. They were all in different degrees of nudity. Only two were completely naked, one was a  Roman senator and the other a Roman slave (I think), both lacked penises for some strange reason that I could not understand. However Marcellias suggestion that they had been castrated may have been correct.

I did not understand much of the fighting, but it was an interesting scene to do some people-watching at.
A Roman gladiator before his match
My new friend and long time "Bock in SecondLife"-reader
Marcellias was also at the fight

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