Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summit Meeting

Today the laird called for a summit meeting at the building site. The laird needed the reassurances from Guyke and Butch that indeed this was a good idea and that the new house that had been chosen would look great up on the hill on Southern Charm.

After both of them had said they thought it was a really excellent idea and the new house would look wonderful I felt somewhat calmer.

The road that had now been chosen meant that all the furniture had to be removed or stuffed away in some safe place until the new chateau was in place. The things belonging to Ars that were not possible to copy would have to be moved into the skies until they could be pulled back in place.

Yes, everything would go well, I told myself repeatedly, the new house you have chosen will look wonderful over the water fall!


  1. Good for you, Bock! A little redecorating is always a good thing! I do it more than Hunter would like, lol. Hope it all goes well and you are happy with it!

    Huggsss, Diana

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Diana, the thing is though - that after due consideration - I decided on a more radical move. The old ugly house will be demolished to be replaced by a wonderful new and modern villa!

      You can expect an invitation to a housewarming party soon if everything goes according to plans and my interior decorator, Butch Diavolo, gets his ass in gear and puts his mind to this project! ;)

  2. Oh yes, a housewarming party is mandatory with Butch Djing this event.

    1. Don't you try to influence me in my choices sonny...


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