Thursday, June 27, 2013

The White Party

At the end of the Second Pride Festival this year I was so fed up and tired with music and dancing that I promised myself and my avatars feet that I would stay away from both for at least a week. Well, the resolution lasted four days.

Tonight I did not want to work on the building or fix the alterations that had been made temporarily to get the house in place (such as moving plants and trees out of the way), Butch wasn't inworld, Guyke and Ziggy were cuddling on a float at their home in Second Norway, Dej was having first life issues and I was bored.

So when I got the notice from Julius Antonius (a.k.a. Joe Lycomedes) about a White Party at Sexology, I jumped at the opportunity of being with others even if I was not in a mood to talk. Do you people get that way sometimes also, where you crave the company but want them to talk amongst themselves and ignore you while you just relax and listen/read?

I had a new outfit in my Inventory, which I thought of t once when I saw the theme of the party. I added a pair of glasses that I changed the color of and one chucker with cream a colored sock and I was ready to go.

The party was exactly what I was looking for, besides greeting me and informing me that I had won a gift card to Red Devil I was left alone to enjoy DJ Ralphy's mellow music and the fun chat in the room. When I was tired and ready to prepare for bed I said my good nights like the good bye I am and logged off for the night from SecondLife.
Avacar & his man Rico

The host at the party Julius Antonius shows us a few of his seductive moves.

DJ Ralphy and his husband Scotty
HerrDirektor with Julius Antonius in the background
Rico and Avacar, now animated
Avatars in white linedance
Edward Snowden made an acclaimed surprise appearance


  1. Well Bock here I thought you were stepdaddy but turn out you are my Mummy...

    1. I will leave you comment here until I decide how to best punish you for this vicious personal attack! You have me in tears here... oh booo hooo hooo..

  2. I often get in that kind of 'quiet but want to be around people but be left alone to be quiet' mood hehe. Glad you had a nice time at the party.

    1. Phewwww Thanks so much Spanki, it's so good to know I am not alone feeling that way!

      Hugs buddy


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