Sunday, June 16, 2013

When I Met My Brother

As I was checking out the Second Pride sims this morning I suddenly ran into my brother Martial Eisenhart, who was there for the same reason. And that was not a figure of speech because I did literally run into this immense man with bulging muscles when turning a corner.

If he had not worn his name-tag I definitely wouldn't have recognized him as he used to be a tall and very slim avatar. He tells me the reason his avatar has developed this bulkiness is that every time he leaves he drops his avatar off at a gym and sometimes it has taken awhile for him to return... so this is what developed.

It was a joyous coincidence because we haven't seen or been in touch with each other for quite a while. We made the most of it and talked for a long while, catching up with what had happened in each others first and Second lives.

I can still remember a time when being without Martial was totally unthinkable for me, but then again at that time there were others whom I thought of as fixtures in my life that would always be there also and we would never part.

Martial dropped out of SecondLife for a long awhile due to first life issues. We have not reconnected in the same way since, but I will always love him and be grateful to him for the wonderful times we shared.

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