Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is to all the hateful trolls in first life, in SecondLife, in all other virtual worlds and last but not least in the blogosphere, especially the one that lately - for unclear reasons - called me a misogynist.

I know I should not post two songs back-to-back but I stumbled across this and here you have it...

(I tried finding an uncensored version of this particular video but without success, if you know where I can find it please tell me!)


  1. Send her my business card and tell her I just put my fangs in :) It's what you have me on retainer for, sweetie.

    1. ROFL My dear Diana, what would I do without you! But this time I will leave it at this, I will not let you squander your talents on this and I am hoping never to have to deal with her and her family again.


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