Friday, July 26, 2013

The Swedish Wiener Incident

Lars Ohly, is the former party chairman of the Swedish Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), a socialist and feminist political party in Sweden. He is also a fan and supporter of  the English Premier League football (soccer for you Yanks) club Liverpool FC and a user of Instagram.

Two days ago Ohly proudly put up a picture on Instagram of the new Liverpool tattoo on the calf, of his left leg without thoroughly checking the picture he had taken first. As it turned out the picture happened to show more than he intended. Parts of his... ehmmmm... "junk" was showing in the picture.
The censored version
The picture provoked instant reactions from some of his followers.

Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Minister congratulated him on Twitter for the fact that he had "finally made his breakthrough in social media after trying so many years".

Håkan Juholt, former party chairman of The Swedish Social Democratic Party, sent a text message to Ohly informing him that he - after seeing the picture - had changed his barbeque plans "from wieners to chicken".

Comedian Al Pitcher wrote: ”I think Lars Ohly showed loads of balls to admit he supports Liverpool”.

Comedian Robin Paulsson wrote: "The Left gained 7 centimetres in the latest opinion polls thanks to Lars Ohly"

You want the uncensored picture I hear you crying, my dear readers. I think I may have spoilt you too much, but I cannot be so cruel as to deny you this small favor.
The uncensored version
Ohly has since removed the picture, but seems to take all the attention he has gotten with lots of humor noting that he has gained many new followers and that his wife has told him that she will have to check all the pictures he uploads in the future.


  1. In the US, people would want to hang him. So he showed his "short comings", it's no BIG deal right? :)

    1. No, Ricky. We wouldn't want to hang him. We would laugh at him.


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